Your home looks complete only with proper and aesthetic lighting. Constructing an electrical line for different electronic gadgets is one if the primary requirements in newly constructed homes. We at GoPro Builders provide a range of electrical services. Most often we ensure construction of electrical lines as a part of our construction contracts.

Our services

Construction of general electrical lines
General electrical lines comprise of switch boards, plugs and regulators. We ensure that all your rooms have proper electrical connections. We provide free casing for all the electrical lines which prevent the chances of electrocution.

Installation of AC and room heaters
GoPro builders help you in installing air conditioners or heaters in your rooms and also constructing the lines, connecting the appliance with the main power supply. We ensure immediate services in such cases. All you need to do is to call us once your appliance is there and we would reach you as soon as possible.

Inspection of electrical gadgets
We help you inspect your electrical lines and gadgets regularly. This prevents any chance of electrocution or fire in your house. We also provide servicing options to solve any issue in your electrical lines or gadgets as soon as we inspect them.

Why are we special?

GoPro Builders has a team of highly efficient and learned electrical technicians. We help you with electrical constructions and also provide valuable suggestions regarding installation of different lights or gadgets. Our easy to access services at nominal charges have created a considerable customer base.